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      how do I redact text using the free trial? or do they only offer redaction if you sign up for a monthly fee? This is VERY frustrating

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No, it's available in the trial version, under Tools - Protection.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            If you still keep being asked to subscribe or buy when you try to redact, please read on.

            This has caused a lot of confusion. I'm going to try to explain it.


            There is an app called Acrobat Reader (or Adobe Reader). You have this app. There are a lot of buttons in it that invite you to buy. One type of button takes you to buy things like ExportPDF, a subscription. If you buy this, the Export button just works, right there in Reader.


            But other things, confusingly, don't change Reader. The Edit button, for example, invites you to buy/subscribe to Acrobat Pro/Acrobat Standard (called just "Acrobat"). You can pay, but if you clicked the Edit button a hundred times it wouldn't ever change Reader and you'd always be asked to pay. The trick is that Acrobat Pro/Acrobat Standard are DIFFERENT APPS. You have to download it, install it, and use it. You will have BOTH apps, Reader and Acrobat; get to know which one is running and how to start the one you want.