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    Ink Stylus as Bluetooth Mouse?

    Mykill G Level 1

      Hello. I just got Ink & Slide because it was on sale for $30. I'm assuming that's because there were a ton of problems with iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro doesn't work with it, but $30 seemed like something I could spend to test it out. On the website selling it, under "Compatibility" it stated:

      "Can be used w/ non-iPad devices & non-Adobe programs, but as a regular capacitive stylus without access to special features"

      Ok, I have used it as a "dumb" stylus on Adobe Ideas on iPad 1. Now, what I'm trying to figure out is, since it's a Bluetooth 4 device, can I use it as a "mouse" on my iMac? The iMac has Bluetooth 4 on it, but I can't get it to recognize the stylus...

      This is my first experience with any stylus and any Bluetooth device besides the "Magic Mouse" that came with the Mac.


      One thing that's bugging me, and it may be TOTALLY unrelated to this, but there is a random "Available" pop up on the desktop. It's not attached to the Bluetooth Preferences scree... it's just floating in a random spot on the desktop. I can't click on it or anything, because as soon as I try, it just disappears; it only pops up when I move my mouse over a certain spot on the desktop. Again, mayb it's unrelated, but it wasn't there before I tried to get the Ink Stylus to be recognized.


      Any help would be appreciated.