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    combustion007 Level 1
      Hello Everyone,

      I wonder if anyone ran into this issue. I have a view stack with 3 visual screens. One of the screen has SWFLoader placed in with "id = contentLoader";

      I have two buttons on this screen on the top: "LOAD MOVIE 1" and "LOAD MOVIE 2".

      So pretty much, user can load the movie into the SWF LOADER via this two button navigation. Well, I am able to load the first movie with "AUTOLOAD". But when I click for the "LOAD MOVIE 2", the second movie does load in but then the application crashes and closes itself.

      My Questions:

      How can I unload the currently loaded SWF Movie before Loading the next one. I have searched for days for this on google and nothing has come through.

      ContentLoader.unloadandStop() doesn't work and application still crashes.
      ContentLoader.source = ""; doesn't work, app still crashes
      ContentLoader.source = null; doesn't work, app still crashes

      Any help would highly be appreciated on this, please.