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    Colfusion 11 (from 9) upgrade, new server, need to run both for compliance tests


      Hi there,

      I'm upgrading both my CF from 9 to 11 and my server, from a self hosted on premise server to a VM cloud based solution.

      Current server is running CF9 in production and I cannot shut it down until cloud environment is fully set up and tested.

      Security audit won't be executed on a trial/developer edition so that I need to have both server (on prem and cloud) running simultaneously with a production version of CF for a while (say 2 weeks).


      Am I allowed (terms of license) to do so ?

      If I run the upgrade process (from CF11 trial/dev edition) on the new (cloud) server using my CF9 serial, will it deactivate the license from the other (on prem - CF 9) ?

      Is there a specific action I can have to be 100% sure the current production server (on prem CF9) won't be affected ?

      Any official answer from Adobe greatly appreciated, also users' experience welcome !

      BR, thanks in advance



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