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    New System Advice - 'Best bang for the buck'


      Hi, I have read through almost all the forum posts about system builds and it helped me shortlist these two systems:


      • Intel Core i7 5820k 6 core 15MB Cache 3.3Ghz
      • ASUS X99-DELUXE/U3.1
      • Corsair Vengeance  32GB DDR4 2400 BUS
      • GIGABYTE GTX 980TI
      • PRICE = 2,000 USD

      • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630V3 8 Core 20MB Cache 2.4Ghz
      • Quadro K4000 Graphics Card
      • 32GB DDR4 2133 Bus
      • PRICE = 3,740 USD


      These are the only options available to me. I would have loved to have i7 5960x but that isnt available neither is 5930, so in the i7 range I am left with the 5820k.

      The Dual Xeon system is HP Z640. So what I have to decide is whether I should go for increased clock speed or more than double the cores and increased cache size.

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          if you can purchase the x99 system, maybe you can upgrade the cpu to broadwell-e when its released in about 6 months. the 10 core broadwell-e i7-6950x might possibly be faster than the dual xeon.


          if for some reason you will be forever stuck with the 5820k, and money isn't a concern, the dual xeon will offer alot more power over the 5820k. it will loose some of that power from dual cpu overhead, making it closer to 50% faster than the 5820k. the quadro k4000 is no good and will need to be replaced with gtx 970 or higher, or quadro m4000 or higher. the dual xeon might also be low memory for some adobe apps that will want more memory per core.

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            cc_merchant Level 4

            Best BFTB is of course the X99 system. The i7-5820 overclocked to 4.5 performs almost as good as dual E5-2630's. The video card and the memory are better than in the dual system for almost half the price.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              With the money you save, see if you can get a M.2 SSD like Samsung 950 Pro NVMe  or second choice a Samsung SM951 PCIe Gen3 x4 and put it in that M.2 socket on the X99 motherboard for fantastic read/write speeds.  Forget the old guidance of having lots of different hard disk drives for different project functions and use it for all your current project files.  Use a good standard SATA III SSD for your OS and applications.  Only use hard disk drives for archiving and backup.


              My i7-5960X at 4.5 GHz outruns that dual Xeon configuration on our CPU intensive PPBM test if you later ever find you need more CPU power.

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                mmafk Level 1

                Thank you for the feedback guys.  The new build that i am planning to buy is:


                i7 5930k (relatively better option available)

                Asus Rampage V Extreme

                64GB DDR4 2800Mhz

                Dual GeForce 980 Ti Extreme 6GB

                4 x 1 TB Samsung 850 Pro


                Is there anything I should modify?  Don't have the budget to add RAID controller or more HDD atm. Over time i plan to add more SSDs and make a RAID 0 array for faster read/write speed.  

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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  the 5930k wont be much, if any faster than the 5820k once overclocked (both 6 core), but the extra pcie lanes will help with loading up the system with multiple add-in cards and the dual gpu's.


                  the asus motherboard has both x8 pcie slots as the third slot (#2 & #6) to the two x16 graphics card slots (#1 & #4). so if you plan on using any x8 cards like a raid card, you should make sure your video cards aren't larger than 2 slot cards. some of the extreme/overclocking cards are 2 1/2 slot size and might interfere with the other slots.


                  depending on your needs with media formats etc, you can try using the motherboard raid 0 for speed until you can get a proper hardware raid card. if you don't need the speed of raid 0, you can just run the drives as single drives for less risk of problems. if you don't already have backup drives, you can look at enterprise grade 4tb-8tb hdd's, perhaps one internal and another usb, for multiple backups of the media/raid.

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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant
                    1. Do you absolutely need the 4TB of SATA III SSD storage?.  I would strongly suggest only dropping one and instead get the 512 GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2 for that M.2 socket on that motherboard.  With it at 2000/1500MB/s there is no current reason to ever consider RAID.for "faster read/write speed". 
                    2. What is your planned boot drive?   One of the 850 Pro's?   Major capacity overkill unless you are going to install loads of other software and is not suggest for a video editing computer..
                    3. I would not spend $600-700 USD on a second GTX-980 Ti Extreme when that money could be used to upgrade to a i7-5960X unless you plan on doing that upgrade to the next generation CPU later this year.
                    4. I would not get that Asus Rampage V Extreme when ASUS offers a lot of X99 motherboards with the new USB 3.1 interface
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                      RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                      good point on the usb 3.1 and boot drive. asus does have a usb 3.1 version of his motherboard, but it appears to just come with a usb 3.1 add-in card, not usb 3.1 on the motherboard.


                      the op can speak to his own needs, but just to throw it out there, my needs would benefit more from the dual gtx 980 ti > 5960x. i also need many tb of space per active project, ruling out the very small 512gb samsung 950 pro or any current pcie ssd's, including using several 2tb enterprise drives.

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                        mmafk Level 1

                        Bill Gehrke good point about the usb3.1!! I just realised that the option available was Rampage V with USB3.0, for some reason I was assuming it was 3.1. So switching to ASUS X99-DELUXE/U3.1

                        I wanted to buy x99 WS but that is not available atm and neither is i7 5960x. So hopefully when the 10 core Haswell comes out i will be able to purchase that and replace the 5930k.


                        Again for HDD ideally I would have wanted the 950 Pro M.2 drive but that too isn't available in my region. These are the only options available:




                        Finally I went for the dual GPU because i read the following article:


                        Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Faster Video Editing|NVIDIA


                        I primarily edit 4k or 6k video footage(mostly its r3d raw from Red Epic/Dragon) and do colour grading in either Resolve or Lumetri in PR CC. Besides that when editing music videos I have to do lots of multi cam edits, having 3-9 cameras. So for all that I guess lots of GPU power is needed along with fast read and write speeds of HDD.


                        If you think that only GTX would suffice for my needs I can drop the second one.


                        RoninEdits what kind of work do you do?