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      Everytime I start Digital Editions it says there id an update available, when I click on the update it says it couldn't download the update, make sure I am on the internet and try again. I am on the internet but the download will not start,

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          Nanaky Level 5

          Your Firewall block anything?

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            stevenb77871944 Level 1

            Thanks for your attention.  I have tried the firewall settings to check the status of the app, that is if its allowed to pass or not. The difficulty is, is that its not on the list off apps. The app is located on my desktop so I clicked the option to add it to the allowed list but when I browse for the app to *** it to the list it does not appear so I cant select it.

            So I don't know if the Windows firewall I am using is blocking it or not. All I can say is that it does not appear on the blocked or allowed list.

            I just tried to download the update again and it still says "Could not be downloaded" 

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              Nanaky Level 5

              If not an the right list its can blocked also. Better you add it the sure problems. You should choose Digital Edition.exe under C:/programme(x86)/Adobe/Digital Edition.../Digital Edition.exe

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                stevenb77871944 Level 1

                I have copied your link (C:/programme etc )into Cortana to search my computer for its location but it says it cant find it. I tried switching the firewall off to download the update to eliminate that as the problem and it still would not download. It says to check if I am on the internet. I am an fibre broadband but still wont download.

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                  Nanaky Level 5

                  Do you are used a proxy?