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    DataMerge put wrong Numbers



      i have a problem with Indesign CS4 on an Imac with Intel Prozessor and OS Yosemit.

      At First, my Language is German, my English ist not very goog and i write some Error; sorry!

      I work on Indesign for generate Lottery Cards with 5 Numbers each Card.
      At Excample: 10 Cards on 1 Page, 100 Pages = 1000 Cards = 5000 Numbers.
      For this Job, i use the DataMerge from Indesign; the csv with the Numbers create i with OO Calc.

      First i place the Cards without Numbers on an ID-Page and send this at the Printer with VDP at Master-File.

      Then on a new ID-Page, i create 10 Textframes, on each Textframe come 5 Numbervariables; then i generate with DataMerge the finally File => 100 Pages a 10 Textframes a 5 Numbers.

      In the Years befor 2015, it works with an old IMac PPC fine – no Problems.
      2015 I become an new IMac with OS Yosemit and ID CS 4; and the Problem begins.
      On many Textframe, ID put the wrong Number; at excample it put

      1003, 2003, 3002,4002, 5002

      correct is 1002, 2002, 3002, 4002, 5002

      More Infos:

      - the wrong Numbers are never in the first Page
      the wrong Numbers are never ib the upper left Textframe on the Page
      when ID put wrong Numbers, every the 2 first in the Textframe, never the last 3 Numbers
      On a File with 100 Pages a 10 Textframes exist over 100 Textframes with wrong Numbers

      After all this, I can't work with Indesign on this Printjob and i must serach an other Programm!

      Martin Jenniges