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    Lightroom/Smugmug Plug-In Question


      This week on Thursday I attended a Lightroom/Smugmug Plug-in webinar.  As part of the program, while discussing the Lightroom Publishing Manager, under the Smugmug Setup Routine, we were told to push the "Sync Now" button.  It was supposed to sync the two picture files (Lightroom and Smugmug) together with each other.  However, in my case I have lost many different photos from the Smugmug file.  What might have gone wrong and how can I recover them ?  Any ideas ?   I can't seem to be able to get a REAL person at Adobe.

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not a real person at Adobe but I use the plugin all the time. It has some weaknesses (doesn't know how to deal with collected images and smart galleries) but generally works fine. Where did your images disappear from? Did they disappear from the gallery on smugmug? It is definitely not supposed to do that. It shouldn't touch any images already there or do you not see some images that are on smugmug but don't appear in the corresponding collection in Lightroom? That is pretty normal if the plugin can't identify which image belongs to the image on smugmug and is nothing to worry about.