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    Motion Preset restore default. Just getting started with trial tutorials. Have managed to alter my screen appearance from that of the tutorial.  How do I back up and start from the beginning.  Have tried "File /new/" but old modifications do not go away.

    gnome guy

      Trying to restore default settings to my trial Adobe Flash trial.  I want the tutorial screen to look the same as the one I am working on.  I am specifically interested in restoring the "Motion Presets" panel that shows several small icons starting with a round color pallet.  I managed to erase all the icons while I was exploring the options.  Actually saw them go away one or two at a time while I was flailing trying to bring them back.  I contacted a lady in chat who helped me fix a problem I had with the oval tool, but could not understand my problem with the Motion Presets panel.  She had me "restore defaults" at the lower section of the panel but we could not find out how to bring back the settings showing the round color pallet that was displayed on my tutorial screen at that point. 

      I keep "clearing all " but my "Motion Preset Panel" does not reset, and the defaults that I put in following the first tutorial instruction remain even when I try "File/new" .  Would like to restore everything to the way it was when I started the trial. Is that possible?