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    After Effects CS5 stuck at splash screen on Windows 10 1511


      I had been using After Effects CS5 on Windows 10 smoothly for several weeks.  Just a few days ago I upgraded to Windows 10 version 1511 (a major update), and now when I start After Effects, the splash screen gets stuck at "Initializing MediaCore."  It never makes it past this.  I have searched around and tried all the troubleshooting methods I could find.  I reinstalled QuickTime.  I reinstalled After Effects.  I updated After Effects.  I reset and deleted the preferences folder.  I turned off the firewall.  I rebooted.  I went through the suggested troubleshooting steps.


      Any suggestions or leads on what could be the issue?  On a perhaps related note, after I updated Windows 10, I had a very strange issue a couple times: when I booted into Windows, music started coming out of the speakers.  A little bit later, I heard static-y voices from the speakers.  This was out of the blue, not from Spotify or anything like that that I know of.  Was my laptop picking up radio waves somehow?  Was it some kind of weird spyware?  I've since scanned for spyware.  Thanks for reading!