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    Last year I spent my whole subscription period with less than I was paying for after buying into Adobe Cc Now I cancelled that subscription and got a new one with a different email. I am still getting less than I am paying for because I am getting Lightro

    "Papa Bear"

      Something is broken with Adobe CC 2015. I dont know if I am the onlyone feeling duped by being sold the wrong package here, however I feel there is supposed to be a system that respects customer relations for an organisation this big. I was sold less than I was paid for when I bought the Adobe CC package in January 2015. The whole year after three months initial instalation, the product would not function as it was meant to . I questioned the application's perfomance and was asked to uninstall and reinstal the product, which I did but that never resolved my problemI continued to pay for my subsription till the end of year with this situation unaddressed. This year I changed my address and got the same package of the Adobe CC Photography. Instead of my CC program I wass given Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4 instead! I am now considering migrating to optional avenues of trade . It is a pity as I had invested well in extra lessons to be more profficient in the use of oth application on Linda .com ....is anyone out there experiencing the same problems ?