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    Which function returns languages names irregardless installed dictionary


      I am using Findkey in Indesign_TLB to return the indesign keys for languages to fill up a language map in my app.

      And LanguagesWithVendor to get the "Indesign display name" but I suspected Languagewithvendors only list languages with dictionary in Indesign CC 2015

      ISO name                  Indesign key              Indesign display name          etc..........


      eg. Danish =>           $ID/Danish                 Danish

           Afrikaans=           $ID/Afrikaans             [empty]


      Is there another function I can use?

      Looking at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2015\Resources\Dictionaries\LILO\Linguistics\LanguageNames2\displayLanguagesName.en_in.tx t Afrikaans is in it.

      I don't want to hard code the path and use the txt becos my users are using many different Indesign versions.


      Thanks in advance