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    Error message "The image appears to be damaged" in newest LR version LRCC 2015.4when doing HDR?Panoramas. Has anyone else had this problem?


      Utilizing newest update of LR....LR 2015.4 version, on new PC with windows 10..... I  have gotten the error message " the image appears to be damaged"  after I do a HDR merge , followed by a Panorama merge in lightroom. The error message appears across the top of the HDR/ Pano image in the develop module.

      I have imported the same images to my older pc with windows 7.......It has LR version 2015.3.  That version will merge the images in HDR , and then Panorama without eliciting the above error message.

      Images were shot with 2 different Tamron lenses..........the tamron 15-30 zoom, and the tamron 45mm prime 1.8 lens. On each PC, lightroom brings up proper lens profile.

      Seems to me, be based on the above differences between the 2 versions, that this must be a problem with the newest LR update?

      Has anyone else had this problem, or is their a solution?

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