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    Error message "The image appears to be damaged" in newest LR version LRCC 2015.4when doing HDR?Panoramas. Has anyone else had this problem?

    paulb54898467 Level 1

      Utilizing newest update of LR....LR 2015.4 version, on new PC with windows 10..... I  have gotten the error message " the image appears to be damaged"  after I do a HDR merge , followed by a Panorama merge in lightroom. The error message appears across the top of the HDR/ Pano image in the develop module.

      I have imported the same images to my older pc with windows 7.......It has LR version 2015.3.  That version will merge the images in HDR , and then Panorama without eliciting the above error message.

      Images were shot with 2 different Tamron lenses..........the tamron 15-30 zoom, and the tamron 45mm prime 1.8 lens. On each PC, lightroom brings up proper lens profile.

      Seems to me, be based on the above differences between the 2 versions, that this must be a problem with the newest LR update?

      Has anyone else had this problem, or is their a solution?

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