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    Dealing with watermarks - exporting templates




      I want to know if exist any possibility to create image watermarks that refers to the watermark lightroom folder i.e.:


      i have an .lrtemplate file with some information about the watermark. One is the following:


      imagePath = "/Users/leandromarino/Dropbox/LeandroMarinoLogo/AzulAmarelo.png"


      I have another computer with windows and the watermark is in

      imagePath = "C:\\Users\\leand_000\\Documents\\Dropbox\\LeandroMarinoLogo\\AzulAmarelo.png"


      is there anyway that for example:

      imagePath = "./AzulAmarelo.png"


      and works in both systems without any trouble? It's boring to everytime that I change the system or lightroom i have to copy from all system and edit all the paths. Would be amazing if i can only copy the watermark folder between systems and computers.


      lightroom watermark windows folder:  C:\Users\leand_000\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Watermarks

      lightroom watermark mac folder:  /Users/leandromarino/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Watermarks

      Any sugestions?



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          leandromarino Level 1

          Now reading this discussion I think that isn't clear as I expected.


          I want to put the png watermark inside the Watermark Folder (the one from the lightroom), in other words, i want to store the png file with the .lrtemplate in the Lightroom Watermark Folder.


          Firstly I thought that doing something like this it would be possible to the imagePath be only the png file name, for exemple:

          imagePath = "AzulAmarelo.png"


          I tried this and the png file wasn't in the exported image. So how could I refers to the png file that's stored in the watermark folder.

          If I put

          imagePath = "C:\Users\leand_000\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Watermarks\AzulAmarelo.png" or

          imagePath = "/Users/leandromarino/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Watermarks/AzulAmarelo.png"


          Works. But, unfortunately I need to change the path in each computer that I have.

          In addition, I work sometimes in collaboration with other so it will be amazing only send the lrtemplate file and png file to others.