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    An effect on my composition changes when nesting

    JPYamamoto Level 1

      After Effects CS6

      I have installed the recent updates as this page says (FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?)

      Windows 8.1 Pro (6.3) 64 bits

      I have an AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-core processor 4GHz

      8GB RAM

      AMD Radeon R9 200 series Graphic Card

      I haven't installed any 3rd party plugin


      I have a Linear Wipe effect on an image in Composition1

      When I make another comp, let's name it Composition2, and I add Composition1 to its timeline, the Linear Wipe looks different, as you can see in the image. Sorry for the blur, I can't show the content.


      Screenshot of Composition1

      Frame1.jpg - Google Drive


      Screenshot of Composition2

      Frame2.jpg - Google Drive


      After I analysed both images, I can say that is not a problem of the linear wipe effect, I thing it is the base video the one which changes, because if I'm in the frame 160 in Composition1 the image in white look fine, but in the same frame, in Composition2 the image in white is in the same place, but the book is under it.


      Why does this happen? Thank you

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your comps have different framerates. 29.97 is not the same as 30 FPS.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Please drag your screenshots to the reply field on this forum. It makes it so much faster for us to help you.

            Frame 1:


            Frame 2:


            I am not sure what is going on here. I can only assume that Frame 1 is nested in Frame 2 and that when you apply CC Lens that the Linear Wipe applied in Frame 1 gets fouled up. If I am correct, and it's hard to say because the layer names are apparently top secret, and I don't know what you are trying to accomplish. I don't even know if the weird white spot is something you are trying to hide from us or it's supposed to be part of the comp. You have a frame rate mismatch as Mylenium pointed out. Your linear wipe is only 4 frames long. You could have a pixel aspect ratio mis match because the main elements in Frame 2 seem to be distorted. Collapse Transformations may fix the problem, or you're doing something with CC Lens the I don't understand, or . . . or . . .


            Because the shape of the mask on the thing behind the white thing changes I'm assuming that is happening because you have applied CC Lens. I also have no idea what is in Layer 2 in Frame 2 because other than a general distortion of most of the elements in the scene in Frame 2, which could be caused by CC Lens.


            We need workflow details and at least layer numbers referred to so we can try and figure out what's going on. You should start turning off effects one at a time to find where the problem lies. It would also be helpful if you have the comp you are having problems with selected in the Project Panel so we can see the comp settings. If you can't show the source file names then rename them for your screenshots or at least tell us the layer number you are talking about.

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              JPYamamoto Level 1

              You're right, I just passed over that. Thank you so much

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                JPYamamoto Level 1

                I'm sorry, I'll be more specific next time. It was a problem of frame rate.

                Thank you