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    Insufficient Space On Drive For Creating Temporary Burning Files


      My hard drive only has 1.6GB of space available.   I get the insufficient space message when trying to burn a disc.   I have a 3TB external drive connected.   I am using v11.   Is it possible to utilize the external drive for the temporary burning files?   In Edit/Preferences/Scratch Discs I have changed the Media Cache and Disc Encoding paths to the external drive, but still receive the Insufficient Space Message.   Thanks  Joe

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There's no way you're going to able to do anything that's remotely intense on a computer that has less than 2 gigs of space. Video editing is going to need at least 50 gigs of clean, free space just to juggle files around.


          The program will use the drive where your project files are stored for its temp files. You can use an external drive, but it may slow down your editing. The $50 or so it might cost you to get a larger C drive -- or to add a second internal drive -- will pay for itself on savings in aspirin alone.


          Meantime, what operating system are you using? If Windows, when did you last run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentation? Especially if you've installed or upgraded your operating system, you may have fragmentation and junk files keeping the program from grabbing contiguous space.


          It can also make a difference what media you're using in your project and how long your movie is. Using photos larger than the recommending 2000x1500 (72 ppi) can cause excessive temp file creation, as can using non-camcorder video files.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In the Preferences under Scratch Disks you can set the Disk Encoding to a different location.

            See if that will help.