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    Lightroom Spinning Pizza for 2-3 minutes on start ... then eventually fine

    Allen Rockwell Level 1

      When I first load Lightroom CC (latest version), the program loads fast and everything seems wonderful,,, then the first thing I click on (does not matter what it is, thumbnail, menu item, folder, anything ) I get the spinning pizza of death and wait literally 2-3 minutes.  Once the spinning pizza goes away, everything is find and everything works perfectly.  It does not matter if it's the first time using Lightroom that day, or if I just exited out 5 minutes ago... same thing every time.  I get the exact same behavior in both of my Lightroom Libraries,,, one has about 190k image, the other about 17k images... so I've ruled out a problem with library ,,, it has to be a program issue.


      Any ideas what's causing this?


      Apple iMac 27" with latest version of OSX

      Adobe Lightroom CC, latest version