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    After Effects CC 2015 - Crashes everytime I try to exit full screen preview

    Major Thurman



      I'm at the point of meltdown!


      For the last month (since updating to CC 2015) I keep getting crashes when trying to exit full screen preview.  I have a preview playing full screen and then I click once with the mouse to exit the preview and bang! white screen, then egg timer.  I've left it for over an hour to see if it recovers. NO. so only way to exit is to start task manager and end the process. I've got my autosave set to every minute ready for when it happens.  It ridiculous!  I shouldn't have to do this.


      All my graphics drivers are up to date.


      I've tried changing the preview settings, tried them all and it still happens.  I don't know what else to do?  Any suggestions?


      It didn't happen in the last version of AE.


      Windows 7 ultimate

      Intel i7 3930K

      32 gig Ram

      AMD FirePro v7900


      Not a happy customer