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    Wrap text around a table within the same frame, possible?


      Is it possible to have text wrap around a table, without having to make the table in its own frame (as a separate object)? Of course the table would have its width less than the width of the text frame, enough so that the text could flow in the empty space beside it (see picture).

      sample text wrap.jpg


      My intention to have them in the same frame is so that it would follow the flow whenever there are changes. I know I can use the anchored object tool, but it has its limits (has to be on the same page as--and below--the insertion point). When I make a report with sequential numbering--such as for footnotes, table and figures, etc.--and to correctly generate a list of contents (to be in order) greatly depends on the position of each item (likewise the location of insertion points). Whether an item is in the same frame, or as a separate object, affects the sequence. Even footnotes have to be in the same continuous frame in order to work properly.