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    Problem with Exercise 9

      I've been trying to do exercise 9 and solved the initial issue with LCDS thanks to this forum.

      My problem is now with the two projects named AdobeODT. I deleted the original project and created the new (J2EE one). Everything is fine up to step 29 - it then becomes unclear which project we are talking about - the original client or the new server project - or should the src code from the original project be transferred to the new one? I restored the original project and followed the instructions, leaving the server project started but the form submission failed. Any ideas?
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          Can someone point me to the solution for the LCDS issue in exercise 9.
          They reference lcds26-win.exe, I can only find lcds261-win.exe and even after being installed correctly I don't have a jrun folder to extract the server.zip file (which they seem to refer to as adobeODTServer.zip.
          Not to mention that the link in step 1 is bad.

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            WelcomeSurya Level 1
            Hi khall,
            This is surya ,how can u solved problem with LCDS.Are u have AdobeODTServer.zip file,is it available in this site or if there any link please provide me link.