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    Images/Sprites always face camera


      Hi there



      I'm required to do a fly through in 3d space past static images that always have to face the camera (like sprites, without distortion)



      The basics are, there is a voice over, and the camera moves to, and looks at an image that pertains to the voice over, so these images have to be specific. I have done the camera movement in 3D (Maya) and used null objects to position the images that the camera is going to look at. I've baked out the camera and null nodes and imported into after effects and the camera move is working properly.



      What I've done is used Trapcode Particular to create each individual sprites that are linked to the null nodes the camera is looking at, and even though this method works it makes the scene almost impossible to work with (very slow) there are 37 of these 'hero' images and I'm guessing the slowdown comes from having 37 particular effects that are linked to each of these nulls.



      Would anyone know of a possible workaround?, this client is very picky and making changes to the scene is incredibly

      difficult due to the massive slowdown.