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    Am I the ONLY one in the world with this problem!??

    lurk skywalker
      before I downloaded twhirl, i upgraded to most current version of Adobe Air (1.5.1) from (1.5.0). It actually occcurred to me that i had never used adobe air before, eventhough i´ve had it installed for ages.

      i cannot run twhirl-0.9.air because the extension is not registered. being no newbie, i tried to manually register the extension but i cannot find an adobe air executable in Program Files>Adobe Air. So i started to search on how to fix the problem, and took at two approaches. I spent 5 minutes trying to find the location of the adobe air executable, and i spend ONE FREAKING HOUR trying to find a solution using queries similar to ["adobe air" extension association .air] on google. NO relevant results come up AT ALL. Am I the only one with this problem? how about a solution? Which file do I associate the extension .air with???????

      as a bonus WTF, i dare someone to show me a query on google that points to a solution to this problem within the first 20 results, and if you find this solution WITHIN adobe.com support i will paypal you USD$5.

      thanks in advance

      windows vista ultimate on x32