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    How to change a normal Photography Creative Cloud plan to a Creative Cloud plan for students?




      I subscribed to the Photography Creative Cloud plan one month ago, and I saw recently that all students can apply for a discount. I'm 16 years old and I'm a secondary school student (Europe).

      My Questions:

      1. Can I still change my plan to get the discount (maybe even upgrade to the complete Creative Cloud plan for Students)?
      2. Do you also need to be in a specific secondary school (for example an art school, or is any school good for the discount?
      3. If I'm right this discount continues to exist while you're studying (no price increase).
      4. What happens with the discount when I graduate/change schools?
      5. Is my normal school card (with my name, year, class ...) good for the verification?
      6. Can I use it commercially?

      (Sorry for the amount of questions, but this would really clarify it for me!)


      Thank you!