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    How do I delete a project from Adobe Draw app on phone?

    JohnWGaudette Level 1

      I was playing around with adobe draw trying to figure it out, how do I delete the temporary test files?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi John,


          When you're in Organizer view (where you can see all five canvases of a project), tap the Ellipsis (...) icon. Then tap Edit Project. A menu opens and the first item is Delete Project. Tap that and you'll delete the entire project (all five canvases). 


          If you only want to delete a single canvas from the project, tap the Elipsis icon then Edit Project. The Elipsis icon will turn into a checkmark and each project will now have a hamburger (a square with three lines) icon next to it.

          Tapping on any one of the individual canvases will place a checkmark in the center (if you want to remove the checkmark, just tap it). As soon as you see that, tap the garbage can icon in the toolbar. You should get a warning asking Permanently delete the 1 selected drawing? If you change your mind, tap the checkmark again and it will go away. (You can also tap and hold to hamburger icon to change the order of the canvases in the project.) When you're finished tap the checkmark in the toolbar to get out of that menu.

          Be really careful with this feature. Right now, there is no way to retrieve drawings that have been deleted.


          Let me know if you have any trouble.