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    Some images displayed in LR are blurry while source HD is disconnected, some aren't


      Long story short, the drive I was editing from crashed and burned, and I'm left with a set of wedding photos down the drain. This is pretty catastrophic for me, but I opened LR to where I had been editing them, and maybe 1/3 of the images are 'stored' (not sure if that's the right word) in LR's catalogue as crisp previews, while the remaining 2/3 are blurred out/pixelated. My thinking is, shoddy as it is, I'll grab screencaps of every good photo to forward on (along with a full refund, ouch), but I'm still out of luck because most of the photos aren't clear. I understand that without the source images there's probably no way to remedy this, but was wondering why a good chunk of pictures seem to be preserved in memory or whatever it's called, while the rest are just fuzzy. I know it's too much to hope that someone has an idea why/how to restore the rest to this state, but thought I'd ask.