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    Added single color images change color slightly (Acrobat XI Pro)


      I have a pdf with scanned images in them and I want to change the text in these scans by covering the text with a single color shape I created in Photoshop. I used Pixie.exe to find out the color code from the pdf-file and used that color-code in Photoshop to create a single color shape.

      When I open the color shape in any other program the color-code is still correct but when I add it in Acrobat XI Pro the color changes slightly so that you notice the shape on the surrounding color and Pixie confirms that it is indeed a slightly different color.

      For example:





      I've tried different file formats (bmp, gif, jpg, png) and even created the same single color shape in Paint (and saved as bmp). Every time the color is correct in windows photo viewer but changes when I add it in Acrobat (by using the 'Add image' tool).


      Does anyone have an idea as to what causes this? And a possible work-around?