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    [Error] Cannot sync Premiere Clips project to Creative Cloud

    Leroy Filon Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I've been trying to sync Premiere Clips to the CC and continue in Premiere Pro.

      File syncing or saving a video to CC is no problem. I can see the video file popping up. Altho i keep having problem syncing a project.


      I've got this weird feeling it's the language barrier. Premiere Clips is in Dutch on my phone while Premiere Pro is English.
      But i can't change the app's language to English anywhere.


      This is the error message i'm receiving:



      Translated it means something like this:


      Looks like something went wrong and we couldn't send your project to the Creative Cloud.
      We can't copy your project to the Creative Cloud directory. Check your account and try again."


      Anyone else have this problem? And is there a solution for this?


      Hoping for a reply.