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    How to put values in list with single quotation

    Lakshmikanth S_13

      <cfquery name="getSelectedPriorityList" datasource="#application.datasource#" username="#application.datasource_username#" password="#application.datasource_password#">

        SELECT  id, name

        FROM  lrp,  p

        WHERE lrp.id = p.id

        AND lrp.ra_id = 123

        AND lrp.id in (#form.assignedPriority#)


      <cfset nickname_list=Valuelist('getSelectedPriorityList.name')>


      If I run above code the value of nickname_list =  Send Certificate Invitation,View Certificate,Allow Key Recovery


      I am in need the output as nickname_list =  'Send Certificate Invitation','View Certificate','Allow Key Recovery'


      Kindly let me know what exactly I need to do to generate above output.Thanks in Advance