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    Sharing form data in Reader

    jay fresno Level 2

      I have a client that wants several PDFs forms. These forms are not identical, but many of the form fields have the same names. He wants people to be able to fill out one form, export that data, and import it into a second form so that the form fields with the same names are automatically populated. After importing the form data into the second form, the second form is sent out to a person so that they can complete the remaining fields that do not have the same name, and email it back.

      Of course, this is easy to do if everyone has Acrobat. But most of the people have Reader and don't want to spend the money to get Acrobat.

      He pointed me to an article which he thought would solve the workflow: http://blogs.adobe.com/formfeed/2010/07/shared-data-in-packages-part-1.html That article is way above my head. Can someone tell me if the instructions in that article would do what my client wants -- which is basically to use Reader to export/import form data?

      Does anyone know of a way to export/import form data using Reader?