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    cfajaxproxy results in status 500 WDDX packet parse error


      Hi.  We set up at second CF10 server, identical to the first, but the new server breaks on all cfajaxproxy calls with "Status: 500, WDDX packet parse error at line 1, column 1. Content is not allowed in prolog."  The servers are identical, completely patched and up-to-date, and everything works on the old server.


      I've cleared my browser cache and temp files, checked that the return value does not have stray characters (it fails even if nothing is returned), tried returntype=plain/json/xml, asyncmode and syncmode, and turned on debugging, which only generates the same error message.


      Using straight javascript to call a new XMLHttpRequest() does work, so it's something about cfajaxproxy that's failing.


      Any idea what could be causing the issue?


      Thank you.