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    In Lightroom's Develop module, making any edit or clicking on a prior History stage makes the main image and Navigator image vanish


      I am working with Lightroom 5.7 64-bit.  The problem I describe began yesterday, and I cannot find a way to correct it.  Please help!


      When I Import or open a photo, it appears as normal in both my Library and Develop modules.  If I make any edits to the photo, however, the main image does not reflect the edits and the Navigator image disappears (goes completely gray).  The edits do appear (as text) in History, however.  If I click on a prior History step, the main image vanishes as well.


      If I toggle over to Library and back to Develop, the main image reappears and the Navigator image reappears, both reflecting the edits I've made.  But if I make a new edit, once again the main image does not show the edit, and the Navigator image vanishes, but the edit appears (by name) in the History panel.


      The effect is that the only way I can see edits I make is by making an edit, toggling to Library, and toggling back to Develop.  By then, the difference between the new edit and my last edit has slipped enough from my memory that I cannot tell if the edit improved the image.


      I have restarted my computer.  That didn't help.  My Lightroom version is fully updated.  I don't know whether I did something to cause this, but I cannot figure out how to fix it.


      I'd be grateful for any guidance!