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    How to Hyperlink to a Folder on a Network?

    phillipk55920299 Level 1

      I've been searching for a few days now, but every solution I've come across is years old and none of them have worked for me. Here's the issue I'm facing:

      I need to create an interactive PDF file that carries a large number of hyperlinks to a folder on a network drive. The PDF features various versions of a client logo and needs to link to both .ai and .png files of each version, but I do not want it to open the logo files themselves — only the folder they are contained in.


      I have tried pasting direct paths as hyperlinks within InDesign as well as in Acrobat, but the result is never right. When this gets sent to anyone using Windows (I'm on OSX Yosemite 10.10.3), it either doesn't recognize the path (OSX uses forward slashes) or replaces every backslash with "%5".

      For example:


      file:///G:%5FolderOne%5FolderTwo%5FolderThree instead of file:///G:\FolderOne\FolderTwo\FolderThree


      To summarize, The PDF has four versions of a client logo. Each as an Illustrator file and a PNG. I need to link my co-workers using Windows machines to the folder path for these files, not the files themselves. And that folder path exists on a network server.


      I need for something who needs the "blue version" of the logo, for example, to click the link in the PDF that opens the folder path directly to that file on their machine.

      Can anyone advise?

      Thanks in advance.

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          IoneSkaggs Level 1

          I was able to hyperlink to a network folder today by doing a couple of (admittedly cumbersome) things. First, there can be NO spaces in the path/filename. Spaces get converted to %20 which messes things up. Second, you must replace all back slashes (\) with forward slashes (/). Back slashes get converted to %5C which messes things up. Lastly, make sure there's a single forward slash in front of the drive letter.


          So, when you're defining your hyperlink in InDesign, the path should look something like this.

          This will, unfortunately, be a giant PITA if you have to build more than a very few hyperlinks. Good luck!

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