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    Why does my Link target move one page, when object is ancored to the same Textframe!?

    Regilindis Level 1

      I found a couriose behavior in Indesign CC2015.1 ...

      as far i can reconstruct it:

      From a dubblepaged Indesign file exportet single paged Interactive PDF.

      Has a problem where every linktarget moves to the RIGHT Page when anything from the right Page is anchored to the text frame.


      Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-09 um 13.39.28.jpg

      So when i make a Link witch points to "Target1" on the left page i will land on the right page with "Wrong Page1"

      attached is one example feel free to play with it.

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0axygxjyqzsxsc/%20anchored%20pictures%20messing%20up%20links.zi p?dl=0


      any sugestions how i could overcome this?

      (i cant write duble paged PDFs)






      Edit 1,2: specified the problem more clearly as i found out new stuff. Edit 3: tried to upload sample image ... dosent work with Firefox (is Adobe in generel against anchored images?! ) chrome worked fine..