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    Authorization without Adobe ID, Can't Read or Return Books


      I authorized my computer without an adobe ID to be allowed to read, books from Ebrary. Everything worked great until the authorizations was erased. I went back to reauthorize without an ID, but it was to different specifications than before and I am unable to read or reuturn any books

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          cselhost Level 2

          Hi c_floo,


          The anonymous authorization generates a UUID for that sessions that it's logged in. Once ADE is signed out of the anonymous session, the UUID that it had is lost forever. Reauthorizing anonymously won't generate the same UUID that it had before. As such, all books that you had previously downloaded while signed in anonymously are no longer going to be readable. There is unfortunately no recourse for you to correct this on your previously downloaded book. The best way going forward is to create an AdobeID and download your books using that ID. That will prevent this from happening again. I highly recommend to never use the anonymous sign on that ADE has.