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    Lightroom will not start

    the real secondintime Level 1

      I am currently trialling CC, and use Lightroom mainly. Every time I start LR it hangs completely, failing to start, I have to force quit it, about 3 or more times and then eventually it will start. As a trial its not really impressing me, stand alone LR was barely quick. However given the limited options available regarding staying up to date theres not much choice. Anyone have this problem, is it because its a trial, is it going to be like this if I shell out for the full version? anything I can try?


      I do not fancy uninstalling and installing again as its a nightmare trying to keep all my files, changes, edits etc. Takes hours and hours syncing etc, already have some problems with some folders wanting to sync with files it already has, but thats another problem.


      Not impressed over all. But would like to sort it out. Although it would be nice if ADOBE offered some support rather than having to hope one of you guys can help.


      I am using a mac on the latest software.