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    Running a publishing house - Imaging licence and restrictions

    Martin Fyrileiv

      First and foremost - I HAVE read the restrictions and imaging licence for the standard licence section and the Exclusive licence. However I am still uncertain that I have understood it correct (language barrier).


      I am about to start a publishing house with the purpose of creating card games and books (covers and image inside).


      This link below provides probably everything I need to know, but hear me out, since I'm not sure this goes under printed dokuments or not.


      Royalty free images, photos, and graphics | Adobe Stock


      If I have understood it correctly Card games, book covers, book pictures (inside) and other printed material, you can have Adobe stock illustrations and photos on the physical printed objects as long as the amount do not exceed 500 000 books og printed cards.


      OR does this NOT fall under the part called Printed dokuments, and is products ment for resale, and that has its own licence (?)


      If I would need an extended licence for this use, how do you get an extended licence, and how much does each image cost?


      Looking forward for your reply.