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    Having trouble with IND, AI, PSD and Firefox: track pad, pop-down menus, viewing, scrolling, etc.


      I am running OS X Yosemite with Creative Cloud. I ran a system patch today along with updating IND, AI and PSD. I am having the following problems both before and after the system and application upates:

      • When opening AI, in the pull-down menu where you select the size/file type (e.g. print, video, etc), when I click on the down arrow to expand the pull-down menu, it scrolls wildly through all the options without stopping, nor does it allow me to choose an item, even if I try to use text entry or the up and down arrows on my keyboard.
      • In Firefox, I attempted to access the Adobe forums. When it was time to select the pull-down menu for which app I wanted, same problem: uncontrolled scrolling and unable to select an item using arrows or text entry.
      • In IND:
        • Command+0 or Command+1 don't work: instead the document page is shifted to the left of the screen so that some of the page is removed from view. this cannot be corrected using the scroll bar: no matter what I do, the page view bounces back to this position.
        • Find and Replace: not working. Same issues with pull-down menu as mentioned above for AI and FireFox.
        • When trying to use the trackpad, sometimes the document scrolls up or down w/o me having any control over it.
      • The Creative Cloud app: 80% of the time, I can't get this to open. Occasionally it does.
      • I have rebooted, disconnected my external keyboard and monitor, replaced the batteries in my mouse, and updated all software.