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    How to Fix "Missing Text Anchor" Problems in EPUB Export?

    Greg_Linhares Level 1

      Upon the first time exporting to a Fixed Layout EPUB, a notification appeared advising to select "Make text anchor in source paragraph" in the TOC style.


      I did this and now a warning message keeps appearing saying that "The file was exported but one or more problems were detected."

      "Found TOC hyperlinks which don't have target text anchor information. Please update TOC with "Make text anchor in source paragraph" option turned on."

      This is then followed by a long list of missing idTOCAnchors.

      I have tried turning this option on and off again, but still keep getting the same waring every time I export.

      The EPUB seems to function perfectly without any text anchors. I just need to figure out how to make these warnings go away. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.