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    Flex client side authorization

      Hi I am creating a flex client application with J2EE server. I want to implement authorization of logged in user based on his role, in flex client side.

      I can implment authorization of resource access like calling destinations, server resources etc. :) But i want to authorize user to access some perticular component, say in current visible state ..

      eg. I have two users in my application with user roles ROLE_ADMIN and ROLE_USER. What i want is ROLE_ADMN user should be able to see all components in current view state whereas ROLE_USER user should not see update report panel. Now this is at low lever, i can easily do it with if ... else for checking users role. But if we go on web application level, the scope is larger and we have lots of authorization components there. is there anything in flex sdk like secuirty taglib we have for spring?