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    table breaking


      I have a table that is several pages long but when making accessible the first page breaks and tags each cell can you tell me why?

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          a C student Level 3

          I bit more detail would be helpful. For example ... What is the source of the document (e.g. MS Word, InDesign)? How are you making the document accessible? How is the first page breaking? What do you mean by "accessible" - that is, is it enough to pass the Acrobat accessibility checker, or do you need to meet WCAG 2.0, ISO 14289, and/or some other criteria?


          Accessible tables can be tricky in a PDF. In my experience auto-tagging can get you only partway there. For example a table that spans multiple tables should be tagged as a single table, not a new one on each page.

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            Damian@Pru Level 1

            If you place your tagged cells into this structure, you will find success creating an accessible table that spans pages:










            This is how InDesign (if exporting to 1.5 or higher; 1.4 and lower do not seem to support this structure) will tag tables to meet the Table Regularity inspection of the Accessibility Checker. You can manually create the same structure in the Tags Tree in Acrobat. Not sure what your workflow is as your post did not cover those details. The above structure will work for tables that span pages in whatever method your creating the accessible PDF though. Good luck!