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    In search of advice for a Flex application

      I'm trying to describe my plan as simply as I can but I may fail.

      My project group is working on a designing application for garages. User can drag and drop elements (window, wall, doors) to a canvas area to create a garage design. I can't tell more because it's a business secret. ;) Could someone help me how to create a feature that if user hasn't created valid entity (for instance pieces of wall are missing and thus the garage won't function properly because chilling wind is let inside and the roof can't be placed on the construction) our application draws a red line to empty spots marking an error. Also an alert/message box should appear and tell the user what's wrong with his/her design. I suppose that this could me made by using degrafa but feel free to suggest better options.

      I would very much appreciate if somebody knows an existing application which has same kind of feature which I could use as help. Thanks beforehand!