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    How do you set up a mouse scroll wheel in Lightroom 6 to function on a MAC computer the same as it does on a Windows machine.


      I'm on the road with my MacBook Pro (running Yosemite) and feeling very frustrated (again) that I cannot click on a slider pin in the Develop Module and then change it's value with my scroll wheel.  I have two Mac laptops and both give me the same problem.  It works on a Windows machine beautifully.  I didn't see a fix or much discussion about this in the FAQs though there were some that 'danced' around the issue.  I'm using a 5 button Logitech Bluetooth mouse with the latest Logitech software for Mac OS.  I can link the mouse to Lightroom in it's setup utility.  But I can't seem to figure out how to get the scroll wheel to vary the slider after I click on the sliders center pin.