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    Re-installed PE7 now for all my projects get "Project cannot be loaded may be damaged or contain outdated elements"

    john8142 Level 1

      I'm running Windows 7 and needed to reinstall the OS and all my applications.  I reinstalled Premiere Elements 7 among these.  I've no problem creating new projects but for all my previously created projects get "The Project cannot be loaded, it may be damaged or contain outdated elements".  All my projects are on a separate hard disk so were unaffected by the Windows system re-build so they aren't corrupted.  Also all the projects were created with the same version of PE7, same installation disk and even one I produced the day before the system rebuild won't open so it's not an "outdated element".  Most of the posts I've seen relate to dealing with corrupted files.  However, in this case it looks like PE7 is just not recognising projects that were created in a previous installation.  Can anyone help please?!