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    How do I share a Lightroom catalog between a Mac and a PC when all of the photo files are on a NAS?


      I'm trying to share a Lightroom Catalog between my MacBook and my PC.

      I am able to have Identical copies of the same catalog on both systems by using the Synology Cloud Station to update the catalog on each computer (Don't worry, I'm the only user and I would never have both systems running LR, prior to a complete catalog sync.  I am aware of those issues.) .

      The issue I am running into is that all of my working files are stored on the Synology NAS.  My Mac(running OS X 11) and my PC(running Windows 10) mount the photo drive using different paths, which LR doesn't quite understand. 

      On my Mac, LR is looking for /volumes/photos

      On my PC, LR can't find that path because Windows calls it W:/photos/.


      Does anyone have a solution for overcoming the different path designations?  I've searched other forums and haven't found a workaround.  I found a few references to the different path designations, but no solutions.