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    iOS app crashes on device but not on AIR simulator

    Beefus Maximus

      Hi, I developed an app with AIR and it ran fine on simulator and device.

      After trying to submit to Apple, it failed validation because of the 64 bit update.


      I upgraded the SDK based on the instructions here: Update the AIR SDK for ActionScript Projects | Flash Builder 4.7


      Now it runs with 64 bit support, but the app is crashing on device on startup. This doesn't happen in simulator.

      It freezes on the startup splash image, but zoomed in to one corner.


      When I plug the device into XCode and try to run it, the error doesn't tell me much:

      <Error>: assertion failed: 12B440: libxpc.dylib + 51955 [6D3E948A-39BD-3548-AA90-38575933BDEF]: 0x7d


      Can anyone please help? Does it sound like I messed up the SDK update?