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    PDF and Captivate

    Noel_Griffiths Level 1

      Captivate v5.5


      Situation: I have a colleague who has a series of PDF documents that their people are required to read in order to inform / raise awareness. Now they want to use Captivate to test their knowledge after having read the various PDFs and our LMS  and to record their participation activity.


      They want each individual page of the PDF documents to be on individual captivate slides - so creating a multi slide project per PDF document.


      If the training material was in PowerPoint I know it is simple to import PPT into Captivate - but we are talking PDF!


      The only way I can see their objective being met is to copy / paste each page of the PDF document onto individual Captivate slides and creating a test at the end of the project.


      I know Captivate is not designed to import PDF but just thought I would reach out to the community in case anyone has a smart solution or suggestion.


      I hope I have explained the situation clearly and look forward to any replies.