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    Cant login - HELP!!


      I recently changed my adobe ID from tomhargreaves@pleasehold.co.uk to tom@5stripe.net

      I logged back in to Kuler and all the items from MyKuler are gone, I can however still search them and they appear under tomhargreaves@pleashold.co.uk, I can't however login using the old account details? What is going on? I want my kulers back!!! :-)
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          First Blood Part II

          This problem seems to happen often.
          There are some other topics you can read it.

          I think the best is you contact the Adobe Kuler Service ( http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/) via
          Private Message or an e-mail.
          You could ask people like the "Community Experts" of Adobe.

          Good luck, and I hope you can get back the access to your themes,

          Best regards,

          Yours Rocky

          p.s.: I`ve saw the 5stripe.net - site - is it yours? Pretty cool, especially the site launch counter (-:
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            5stripe Level 1
            Thanks, I'll get in touch with them. Yeah 5stripe.net is my portfolio, its gonna be ready soon. Check it out.

            That counter is cool, here is the PHP code if you want to use it:

            function countdown($year, $month, $day, $hour, $minute)
            $the_countdown_date = mktime($hour, $minute, 0, $month, $day, $year, -1);
            $today = time();
            $difference = $the_countdown_date - $today;
            if ($difference < 0) $difference = 0;
            $days_left = floor($difference/60/60/24);
            $hours_left = floor(($difference - $days_left*60*60*24)/60/60);
            $minutes_left = floor(($difference - $days_left*60*60*24 - $hours_left*60*60)/60);

            <? echo "SITE LAUNCH IN ".$days_left." DAYS ".$hours_left." HOURS ".$minutes_left." MINUTES";} ?>

            Check my portfolio out when it goes live.