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    Cloud Access Issue when Travelling

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I have subscribed (unwillingly!!!) to CC since it started and used it while travelling and off line to broadband/ WiFi connections.


      On Saturday afternoon when I was travelling I opened Pr and then Ps and Id. All gave a message saying either sign-in to my account or start the 30 day trial! The only way I could work was to start the 30 day trial, yet when I was finally able to connect I was actually still signed in and my account was working fine.


      I have never had this problem before. Has Adobe changed something? Does this mean if I travel after 30 days I won't be able to access my programmes because the Desktop Manager will say both I am not signed-in to my account and that my 30 day trial period has expired? (As I said, I shouldn't have to click on the 30 day trial because I am a fully signed up member.)