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    AIR slow dragging of main window

    John Hall Level 4
      I have an AIR app that drags very slowly across the screen on one computer. Works well on the other two to which I have access. I've disabled anti-virus, tried playing with the display driver settings to disable odd acceleration that might interact, but am pretty much out of ideas. Any other paths I might go down? Sure acts like a video driver not being able to keep up with dragging but even a plain VGA driver does the same. I see no endless loops or memory drains during profiling.
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          Different computers act differently to software - doesnt matter how hard you try to fix them theres still going to be 1% or so of computers which will struggle with one aspect of an application over another.

          For instance I am building my RIA on a quad-core computer. Plenty of ram ati 4850 512mb so plenty of memory and as you would expect it runs fine. However for my low-end test I used an old laptop. something like a 1ghz with 512mb ram and an ati9200 series gfx card (roughtly 6 years old). Very stuttery.

          As another test I used a computer without a dedicated gfx chipset - p4 1.4ghx 512mb ram (roughly the same age) - and it ran better that the quad core.

          I'm as flummoxed as you are about things like this but when it comes to determining specification for our apps.

          To try and be helpful though it would help if we knew a few specs of your malfunctioning computer - directx version, flash version o/s and usual system specs. Process of illimination really.
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            John Hall Level 4
            Thanks for taking the time to answer. I've determined that it's only when I use no system chrome with a transparent window. With a standard chrome type, all is fine. So I'll do a little more research about that area of the framework.