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    HTMLLoader or StageWebView or SOMETHING without restrictions please.....

    Darkdak Level 1

      Hi there, I have to embed an HTML, this contains PDF's so HTMLoader is not the way.

      Now, we have StageWebView, I can use it like
      var swv=new StageWebView(false); (this uses WEBKIT, is too limited)

      or i can use  it like

      var swv=new StageWebView(true); (this use the Native WebBrowser like Chrome,Firefox, etc)

      The first one "swv" does not let PDF's either, so once again i have to use ---  var swv=new StageWebView(true); --- BUT this works fine only in MAC, when I export mi AIR app to Windows the content of the web page apparently is THERE but INVISIBLE, SOOOOO WHATS the point?????? WINDOWS IS GETTING EXCLUDED.

      Please I need to be able to SEE PDF's and JavaScript stuff, like an onScreenKeyBoard.

      FIX PLEASE, UPDATE OR SOMETHING! ! ! ! ! ! ! !